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If you can find another robot on the market that can control

ball speed, type of spin, ball feed rate, angle of head, and where the ball will land on the table,

and also be changeable between individual balls within a repeatable cycle of up to 9,

for the equivalent or less money you should seriously consider buying that robot as an alternative to ours.

We are that confident in our product!



Founded in 2015 with a love of the game, Table Tennis UK supply one of the top Practice Robots on the market. We have a staff of Table Tennis lovers, and highly skilled Mechanical/Electrical Engineers - the perfect combination for delivering great robots.


The Smartpong Robot has been sold to a range of clients including a Top UK Chef with a passion for table tennis, footballers, and famous US atheletes.

Endorsed by 

Eugene Wang 2012 US Open Champion 

Gao Jun 2 time US Open Champion 

Ernesto Ebuen PTTA President 

Includes all you need to begin training 


Smartpong whats in the box