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If you can find another robot on the market that can control

ball speed, type of spin, ball feed rate, angle of head, and where the ball will land on the table,

and also be changeable between individual balls within a repeatable cycle of up to 9,

for the equivalent or less money you should seriously consider buying that robot as an alternative to ours.

We are that confident in our product!


Founded in 2015 with a love of the game, Table Tennis UK supply one of the top Practice Robots on the market. We have a staff of Table Tennis lovers, and highly skilled Mechanical/Electrical Engineers - the perfect combination for delivering great robots.


The Smartpong Robot has been sold to a range of clients including a Top UK Chef with a passion for table tennis, footballers, and famous US atheletes.

Endorsed by 

Eugene Wang 2012 US Open Champion 

Gao Jun 2 time US Open Champion 

Ernesto Ebuen PTTA President 


Includes all you need to begin training 

Smartpong whats in the box

1. SmartPong is the ONLY robot that utilizes state-of-the-art computer technology. Experience exciting table tennis play with the first ever fully-automated electronic table tennis robot.

2. SmartPong utilizes a wireless infrared LCD remote control with LCD display and chart. Using infrared signals, the remote controls all settings and functions.

3. SmartPong is the ONLY robot with a “three-axle step motor”controlled by program, allowing it to:

• deliver topspin, backspin & sidespin balls at the same time
to different table locations
• interchange between spin types, to produce topspin,
backspin & sidespin balls
• shoot different spins for consecutive shots in the same sequence

4. SmartPong is the ONLY robot with an “automatic ball collector”. It uses a small ‘agitator’ that stirs the balls to help avoid pitching interruptions.

5. SmartPong, with the “recycle gadget net added,” gathers balls for continuous use without stopping. It recycles, collects, and serves the balls, for continuous, unlimited play.

6. SmartPong will allow you to individually program your own shots. Even better, SmartPong is the ONLY robot in which spin direction can be set from 1 degree up to 359 degrees, whichever type of spin you wish.

7. Spin/Speed/Trajectory
The SmartPong throwing head rotates from 0-359 degrees, so any type of spin is possible. There is a sticker on the head that indicates which spin the head is set to generate. On the remote, the setting ranges from 1-60. Spin and speed are proportional to each other on this robot. The faster the ball
is thrown; the more spin is placed on the ball. The ball feed rate ranges from 30 to 90 balls per minute, wide enough for almost all practice sequences. Adjust the degree of
angle to pinpoint the exact location.

8. Oscillation
The table is divided into 9 zones, and oscillation can be controlled to occur between any of the 9 zones, where 1 is the far left side of the table, and 9 is the far right side.

9. Programmability
There are 9 pre-programmed routines in the robot. These pre-programmed routines cannot be changed, but the ball feed rate can be changed. The 9 routines, which vary placement and spin type, have different degrees of difficulty.

10. SmartPong is the ONLY robot with a built-in “switch power
supply” to accommodate all international voltages with AC
88V to 240V. This allows for use anywhere, applicable to any
zone in the world.


Table Tennis Robot UK

I.L.F, Ashby Rd,

Stapleton, Leicestershire


+44 (0)1455 291944

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