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While there are many great ways to get into shape, playing table tennis can certainly be one of the most fun. Playing table tennis can be a great way to get in shape while learning some valuable skills, developing stronger hand/eye coordination and having lots of fun at the same time. Table tennis has become such a popular exercise that table tennis tables are springing up in homes throughout the UK.

The nature of table tennis means that exercising is short and energetic. This allows a varied form of workout resulting in increased heart rate and improvements of overall fitness levels.

Whatever your ability or physical restraints, playing table tennis gives all ages the opportunity to enjoy this form of social exercise while becoming fitter in the process. In some respects it can be seen as offering a total workout, as playing table tennis incorporates numerous body movements ultimately contributing to a thorough fitness regime. Depending on the aspirations of the player, table tennis appeals to all, as it can be a gentle way to loosen muscles or increase mental awareness while at the professional level it can prove to be an extremely strenuous form of exercise.