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About us

We are the sole distributor of the SmartPong TJ3000A Table Tennis Robot for the whole of the UK and Ireland.


Personal experience has led us to import this robot to the U.K. All of the staff at Table Tennis Robot UK have an interest in table tennis and play to some level.

Unlike most sports equipment suppliers, Table Tennis Robot UK has its own service engineers experienced in mechanical /electronic fault finding, providing you with a first class after sales service.

Not only does the SmartPong TJ3000A table tennis robot have all the features described in the literature - it packs away to a compact size for easy storage. The robot fits back onto the table just as easily - being ready to play in well under 5 minutes. It fits in exactly the same place each time so balls do not overshoot the table or hit the net.

SmartPong service desk


Most table tennis robots require manual adjustments during play as the ball settings alter slightly during use, causing balls to miss the table. Some robots are unstable and awkward to move without overbalancing especially when the nets are fitted.

Adjustments for spin and trajectory on most robots are manual and are done at the robot head which means interrupting the practice session, going to the robot and making an adjustment using trial and error to get the ball to land in the correct place. In random mode on other units it can be particularly difficult to keep all the balls on the table as the units warm.

The SmartPong TJ3000A table tennis robot addresses all the issues we found with other robots, and most importantly is supplied with comprehensive documentation, covering all aspects - techniques, setup, training, operation, and maintenance.